Client Communication

We firmly believe that a money manager cannot manage money in a vacuum. Two-way communication is critical if investment assets are to be successfully managed. We learn as much as possible about each client. Over and above the obvious items such as risk tolerance, tax brackets, and investment goals, we also try to learn about personal goals, likes, and dislikes of our clients. Each portfolio is tailored to the individual needs and goals of the client.

Before the start of each new engagement, we draft an investment plan for each client. The plan provides the client with an understanding of our philosophy as well as investments that will be selected over the next several months.

We treat our clients like family and communicate regularly. Each client receives monthly brokerage statements and confirms, quarterly performance reports compared to appropriate benchmarks of excellence, quarterly newsletters, year-end tax information, special reports by request at no additional charge, occasional correspondence between quarters providing our professional perspective, open door policy encouraging yearly meetings, and continuous access to the firm via telephone, fax, e-mail, and Web site.

During normal business hours, a portfolio manager is available to address your questions or concerns. We strive to return all calls within a four-hour block of time.