The passing of a spouse is a very traumatic, emotional experience. The surviving spouse is compelled to address a number of financial decisions. The best strategy is to not rush and make decisions without proper forethought and guidance. A methodical review in a timely manner in conjunction with a professional is a more prudent approach and minimizes the possibility of major financial errors.

We serve as a tough financial bodyguard for all our widows by trying to protect them from unwise financial decisions and nefarious individuals. We strive to simplify everything for our widows and help them organize family critical financial documents. As a “Fiduciary” we will always be dedicated to protecting your best interests.

At Fischer Financial Services, we listen attentively to uncover your aspirations, concerns and goals.  Our firm will translate the complex, financial information in plain English that will help you easily make the right decisions to reduce stress and anxiety.  You will know exactly what you will be charged.  There are no hidden fees.  We will also provide you with a basic understanding of our industry and the market.  We do this because we care!

On average, women outlive men by five years according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A woman reaching the age of 65 is likely to live to age 85. In general, women also spend more money helping ill family members than do men. Our firm has decided to make an extra special effort to serve the needs of this growing segment of our community.

All investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will be successful.